About QAPC

The purpose of the project is to create a functional profile of people with post-COVID-19 syndrome to guide self-management and to prioritize people for more in-depth assessment.

We’re building a province-wide study to support research on the post-COVID-19 syndrome. Join the search for answers.

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The QAPC study is no longer recruiting new participants.

If you are already registered, please continue your participation so we can track how the Post-COVID Syndrome evolves.

Thank you for your continued participation.

The QAPC Team

Participant Resources

Activity Tracker and
Symptom Monitoring Apps

All participants will be invited to monitor their most troublesome symptoms and track their physical activity using apps that have been modified for this project.

Personal Health Dashboard

We will periodically gather information and generate a personalized symptom dashboard, which will be sent to each participant to help them put their symptoms into context.

Self Management Resources

All participants will receive a suite of tailored resources (videos, workbooks, etc.) to support their self-management of some post-COVID symptoms and recovery.

Québec Action for
Post-COVID Project

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